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About the Author

Wanetah Walmsley

Wanetah Walmsley began her career in entertainment as a triple threat performer; acting, singing, and dancing. As Co-founder of Trendify Media, she is currently involved in several projects as a producer, director, and content creator. She currently coaches actors and clients in personal development.


"I would give Wanetah the highest rating that can be given! She really understands show business and is an amazing guide! I had a few months with an acting school when I started to see Wanetah, and she gave me the attention needed to bring me to the next level!"

Emily Byrnes

"Wanetah knows the film industry inside and out! She is a very experienced actress and the perfect teacher. She cares about you and wants to see you succeed! She is invested in your career and will do anything she can to help you reach your goals. Wanetah loves her students and I am very lucky to be one of them."

Mae Anglim

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